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Savage Accused Of Raping Mentally Handicapped Residents At Care Facility

*Hat Tip: Phillip KIng

Paul Christianson the rapist
Devil: Paul Christianson

Paul Christianson, 43, of Crane is accused of raping two mentally handicapped women at Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare in Crane. He’s now facing a felony charge of rape in the first degree.

According to court documents obtained through the Stone County Prosecutor's Office, investigators went to the rapist's home and arrested him on August 24 after they interviewed a victim of the crime. Detectives say the diabolical sex criminal admitted to having sexual intercourse a minimum of five times with two different females in the residential home. The sex terrorist also admitted to committing other sexual acts with the women. According to investigators, the women have diminished mental capacity and lacked the ability to consent.

The demonic crimes happened between June 1, 2018 and August 15, 2018.

During an arraignment hearing Tuesday afternoon, the Judge Alan Blankenship set the monster's bond at $100,000, cash only. Special conditions of the bond include no contact with the victims and not going onto the property of Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare. If convicted, the sex bandit could face a sentence anywhere from five years to life in prison. The offense is also subject to lifetime supervision.

The sex fiend is scheduled to be in court again on September 18 at 10 a.m.

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