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School Children Are Told That Prostitution Is A Rewarding Job By Sex Education Providers

Devil: Justin Hancock

School children were told prostitution is a 'rewarding job' by perverted white sex education providers who promoted wild kinks to students.

Organizations brought in to teach kids about sex have introduced children to hardcore kinks including being flogged, caned, locking people up in a cage and being slapped in the face, The Times reported.

Children were even told to show where they liked to touch themselves by one organization.

Private contractor Bish (Best in Sexual Health) is written by Justin Hancock and charges £500 a day to deliver sex education sessions at secondary schools.

His website advises a 14-year-old girl in a relationship with a 16-year-old boy that her 'risks of pregnancy are very, very low' even if her boyfriend relies on pulling out rather than using a condom.

The pedophile suspect,Hancock, did not tell her the relationship was illegal but instead suggested using lube during anal sex.

The 'sex and relationships educator' also told someone on his site that prostitution could be 'rewarding'. He suggested if this was not the case for a sex worker, they could 'get better clients'.

Writing about masturbation Bish suggested children could practice on plasticine models of their genitals to understand how to touch themselves, a move the Safe Schools Alliance told The Times was 'sexual abuse'.

Although Hancock said the website should not be used in classrooms, Bish says more than 100,000 young people learn about sex from the site every month.

Meanwhile, LGBT youth charity the Proud Trust, asked children between the ages of seven to 11 whether they were 'planet boy, planet girl, planet binary'.

Last night campaigners said that 'inclusiveness is overriding child safeguarding' and that the materials were 'bordering on illegal'.

Reporters has asked Mr Hancock and the Proud Trust for comment.


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