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Sexual Images Of Children Found On Lost Cell Phone At Nashville Truck Stop, Owner Jailed

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Devil: Michael Perryman

A depraved savage is behind bars after an employee at a truck stop found sexual images of minors on a lost cell phone.

Michael Perryman, 44, is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, 50 items or less, and aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, 1 to 25 items.

A Metro Police affidavit says in May, someone turned in a cellphone to a truck stop along Old Hickory Boulevard in Antioch that had been found on the property.

The employee opened the phone to try and identify its owner when he came across sexual images of minors and called police.

Officers found that the Facebook profile of "Michael Perryman" was already logged on. The truck stop worker told police he recognized the sex terrorist as someone who was seen at the truck stop earlier, then showed up later in the day asking if anyone has turned in a lost cell phone.

During another search of the phone in July, Metro detectives found selfies of the pedophile. A Google account was also already logged into and saved text messages revealed the following:

  • Four images of a sexual act involving a young girls, ages 7 to 12

  • One image of sexual act involving a young girl, age 4 to 7

  • Video of a young girl, ages 11-13 years old, changing clothes in front of a camera,

  • Text sent from the suspect to another person, showing a young girl, 10-12 years old, in a sexual position

Online records show the diabolical pervert was booked into Davidson County Jail on Thursday. He's being held in lieu of a $25,000 bond.

Local mothers tell reporters they can’t even imagine someone committing this type of crime.

“I would die trying to find whoever did something like that to mine,” Mother Charlotte Simmons said. “I don’t play games like that.”

According to a Facebook account for Michael D. Perryman, before he landed behind bars, Perryman did handyman work in the area.

“Why would you do something like that? I don’t understand it, but the world is changing,” Simmons said. “I knew nothing like this when I was growing up, how people molest kids and stuff like that, it’s uncalled for.”

Online records show that the child rapist was found guilty of a DUI in 2000, and driving without a license in 2005.

Perryman’s initial court appearance for these most recent charges is set for Monday.


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