Shameless Becky Is Proud That She Rarely Showers

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Devil: Addie Kirchner

A white female who claims she doesn’t shower often or use deodorant says that despite her lack of hygiene, she’s never been told she smells.

Addie Kirchner left her TikTok followers questioning her way of life after she posted a video describing herself as “musty.”

“I don’t wear deodorant. I go as long as possible without a shower,” Kirchner wrote on the clip, which has been viewed 128,000 times.

“I go to bed with dirty feet. Hairbrush? Don’t know her,” she continued, noting that she does use Dr. Bronner’s brand of soap.

“I simply do not give a fuck,” she said. “My family is flabbergasted but have yet to tell me I smell bad.”

Most white viewers praised Kirchner for her honest attitude.

“A little flavor never hurt no one,” a user responded, while another added, “Hahahaha…good for you, live life on your own terms, be happy!”

But it wasn’t just her family members who were confused by her lack of showering, as hundreds of followers slammed the TikToker for her habits.

“Disappointed and disgusted,” another appalled user wrote.

“Terrible flex but ok,” agreed another, with someone else suggesting it might just be that she’s “lazy.”

“This has to be a joke right?” one confused user wrote.

It turns out that it may have all been a putrid prank.

in a follow-up video, the filthy bitch confirmed that she does indeed shower, showing viewers the products she uses.

“My shower products for you all can sleep at night,” she wrote over the clip of her fully stocked shower. “Ya’ll take shit too serious.”

Although the Kirchner apparently was joking, TikTokers in the past have touted their shower-free lives, with one claiming she often goes over a week without bathing — and she has never felt better.

Aydan Jane posted a TikTok saying she’s living proof “that you don’t have to bathe often to look and feel good,” telling skeptics she doesn’t smell and it’s “better for the environment.”

Another TikTok user earlier in the year said she only showers once a week, saying she finds the process “overwhelming.”

Dr. Julie Russak, a private practice dermatologist in Manhattan, previously told The Post that there’s no harm in leaving a day or two between showers. However, she said not showering actually can be problematic due to bacteria and harmful toxins building up on the skin.


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