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Shameless Christian School Teacher Whose Spouse Caught Her With A Teen In Bed Sentenced

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Devil: Andrea Nicole Baber

A former Christian school teacher whose husband caught her in bed with a student was sentenced to prison, according to officials.

Andrea Nicole Baber, who taught at Logos Christian Academy, was ordered Friday to serve 20 months in prison for having sex with a student in Springfield, Oregon, the Register-Guard reported.

The White Whore Of Babylon pleaded guilty last month to rape and contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.

She entered a plea deal that dropped 20 additional charges including sodomy and providing marijuana to a minor.

Police arrested the English teacher in December 2017 just days after her spouse walked in on her partially dressed with the student.

Soon after they were busted, the teen’s father received an anonymous email asking whether he knew his 17-year-old son was sexually involved with a teacher, authorities said. The message sent Dec. 12, 2017, reportedly included images of the pair together in bed.

The teen’s parents reported the message and deputies interviewed the teen about the affair. He told investigators that he began a relationship with Baber in 2016 when he was 15 years old.

Baber will be required to register as a sex offender, the Register-Guard reported.

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