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Sports Massage Therapist Raped 2 Women In His Clinic And Told One 'I'm Sorry My Male Urges Took Over

Devil: Leon Tomasso

A diabolical sports massage therapist who sexually assaulted two women in his clinic and apologized for his 'male urges' has been jailed for four years.

Leon Tomasso, 35, appeared at King's Lynn Crown Court on Tuesday where he was sentenced after admitting two counts of assault by penetration on two women in 2019.

The court heard how the sex terrorist told one victim he had, 'misread the signs' when he assaulted her before blaming his acts on his 'male urges that took over.'

The second victim told officers how the white rapist had said the assault was 'part of the wind-down' and how he thought she, 'would enjoy it'.

Investigators argued the massage therapist 'exploited and abused' his victims' trust while they were in a vulnerable situation.

Officials also applauded the women for coming forward, saying their 'bravery and determination' was what made it possible for this typical white brute to be jailed.

Tomasso, the rapist from Wymondham, assaulted the first victim during one of her regular sports massages at a Norfolk clinic back in 2019.

She told police the sex bandit claimed he 'misread the signs' when she challenged him immediately following the assault.

Then, when she questioned him over which 'signs' had made him think it was ok to penetrate her, he reportedly told her: 'I'm sorry, it was my male urges that took over. It won't happen again.'

The following day the shameless brute assaulted a second woman during a sports massage at a gym. The second victim claimed the white devil had said the assault was 'part of the wind-down' and how he thought she 'would enjoy it.'

He later told her he knew he'd 'crossed the line' and that he'd 'let his emotions get away from him.'

Both victims reported the assaults to Norfolk Police and the sex criminal was arrested at his home days later. He was then taken to Wymondham Police Investigation Centre for questioning.

The evil massage therapist was released on police bail and subsequently charged.

In their victim statements, both women described how they were still suffering the effects of the assaults nearly three years later.

'I can't even begin to articulate the look on my husband's face when I broke down sobbing and attempted to tell him what had happened,' the first victim said.

'I have always looked for the good in people, focused on their positives but Tomasso has changed me.

'I now find myself filled with mistrust, wary of men's intentions and fearful of being nice in case it's misconstrued and hope that eventually I will come to terms with what has happened, but the impact on me and my life cannot be underestimated.'

The second victim added: 'I felt completely violated and distraught. I thought I was supposed to be in a place of safety and respect, but this was not the case. The last two and half years has caused a lot of stress and heartache, not only for myself but also my family and my fiancé.

'Even though they do not mention it, I still see the sleepless nights and anxiety on their faces. I have become jaded and suspicious of people and that trust in people can be so easily broken.'


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