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Teen Speaks Out About Pedophile Father Who Raped Her 4 Times A Day Before She Was Pregnant At 13

Diabolical inbreds: Shane Ray began raping his daughter Shannon when she was just 6 years old

A white teenager has spoken out about her evil pedophile father, who repeatedly raped her multiple times a day for eight years, beginning when she was just six years old.

Shannon Clifton, who is now 18, waived her right to anonymity to speak out about the horrific abuse inflicted on her by depraved father Shane Ray Clifton, who also beat her so badly when he found out she was pregnant with his baby she miscarried aged just 11. She became pregnant once more two years later, and gave birth to a boy who is both her son and her brother. Clifton, 36, was jailed at Derby Crown Court in 2015, and will serve a minimum 15-year life sentence for rape.

Devil: Shannon Clifton

Shannon said Clifton first raped her when she was aged just six.

It was just the start of a horrific ordeal which saw him rape her repeatedly, sometimes as often as four times a day.

Eventually, when she became pregnant, the diabolical monster battered her unconscious and she lost the baby.

She fell pregnant again aged 13, at which point Clifton researched ways to make her miscarry, and forced her to perform exercise routines in a bid to ensure she did just that.

However, the truth eventually emerged when a suspicious school nurse tried to persuade her to take a pregnancy test.

When Shannon Clifton was just 13 she gave birth to her father's son

Though Shannon refused, her father panicked and the pair went on the run, triggering a police manhunt before they were eventually tracked down six days later.

Two days after they were found, she gave birth – and police charged her father with rape.

At the time neither she nor he could be named for legal reasons – but Shannon was so brainwashed she shouted in court as his sentence was confirmed: “I love you Dad, I miss you.”

Speaking three years later, Shannon told the Mirror: “He stole my life.

“He turned it into a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from – raping and beating me for years. I was frightened and in pain every day.

“I hate my dad now, but I will always miss him because he was the only person I had throughout my whole childhood.”

Shannon’s parents split when she was five, and she went to live with her father, a refuse worker, who she said “poisoned her” against her mother.

She added: “He changed quickly. He’d scream if I did something he didn’t like, then it was a slap around the head.

“Then he started punching me. Over the years, he burnt me with an iron, attacked me with a hammer, stabbed me and split my head open.”

Things got even worse a year later when he woke her up in a night and forced her to lie on the floor of the living room.

She said: “Then he lay on top of me and just did it. I felt the worst pain imaginable. I was screaming for him to stop, but he wouldn’t.

“He would always say sorry afterwards,” says Shannon. “When he’d finished, I’d play with my toys to distract myself.

“He said it was something all dads did to daughters, but I had to keep it secret. He’d hug me and promise it would never happen again. But it always did.”

The frequency of the rapes increased, Shannon said, adding: “He would even make me have sex with him in the woods.

“He’d film it and once made me watch it. I was crying – it was so horrible.”

The monster pedophile was jailed for a minimum of 15 years in 2015

After becoming pregnant, she blurted out the news at which point he savagely beat her unconscious.

She said: “I don’t recall it that clearly but I remember one minute I had a baby inside me and the next there was blood everywhere and the baby was gone.”

When she became pregnant again, as well as looking up ways to induce a miscarriage using Google, Shannon says Clifton even tried to devise a plan to kill her baby after it was born.

She said: “That was the most evil thing he ever did or said. He went into detail – I can’t talk about it.”

After refusing to take a pregnancy test, the police swooped on their home and Shannon and her father went on the run, spending six nights sleeping rough.

Eventually, the police tracked them down and her father was arrested.

She gave birth two days later, and kept him until just before his first birthday, at which pointed she decided to give him up for adoption, explaining: “I wanted him to grow up with a nice family, one I never had. I’ll always be his mom.”

Shannon is now renting her own flat and is due to starts a criminal psychology degree in September, which she hopes may help her understand her father’s motives.

She said: “I’ll never know exactly why my dad did what he did, but my aim is to help other abuse victims who read this – so they can find the help they need.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1071614/teenager-shannon-clifton-shane-ray-clifton-derby-paedophile-rapist-rape

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