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Terrorist From Texas Tied 6-Year-Old To A Garage Door With A Dog Leash, Beat Him With A Hammer

Devil: Ronnie Winans

A Texas terrorist tied his 6-year-old son to a garage door with a dog leash and beat him with a hammer on another occasion, deputies said.

Ronnie Winans, 25, of San Angelo, was arrested on suspicion of injuring a child with intent to commit bodily injury on Thursday.

A woman home called the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 8 to report potential child abuse after she discovered bruises on the legs of her 6-year-old son and he refused to tell her where they came from, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.

It was noted in a report that the bruises looked to be “consistent with blunt force trauma.” As the injuries were being photographed by a deputy, the boy told him Winans had “tied him to a door with a dog leash.”

The child and another witness spoke with investigators at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Tom Green County the next day. They told them that the boy had been tied to a garage door with a dog leash around his waist while Winans went to the store.

The boy said he “could not breathe because the leash was tight.” It was painful and left a temporary mark around his torso, according to an affidavit. It was tied in a way that if the child attempted to pull away from the door, the leash would tighten even more.

A female relative told investigators the boy was tied up for around 15 minutes before she freed him.

The boy told investigators that sometimes his diabolical white father would throw clothes hangers and bottles at him because he “did not like it when he moved around a lot.”

The child reportedly appeared reluctant to discuss how his legs were injured and told investigators he didn’t know how it happened, the Standard-Times reported.

“I was just asleep . . . and things happen. That’s all,” he said.

A witness who said she was hiding behind a chair at the time of the assault, saw the boy’s father hit him on the legs with the handle of a hammer.

Deputies found a green dog leash and a hammer matching the description of the one used to hit the child at the home.

After the terrorist’s arrest, he admitted to deputies that he had thrown clothes hangers at the child before, but said “it was done in an attempt to get his attention, and not as punishment.”

He said he tied the boy to the garage door “in an attempt to keep him from leaving the corner" and insisted that the leash “was not tight.”

He denied causing the bruises on the boy’s legs.

The white terrorist was released Friday on $15,000 bond. He has not yet been indicted, but may face charges of injury to a child, elderly or disabled person with intent to cause injuries. It’s a third-degree felony that could land him up to 10 years in prison and a possible fine of up to $10,000, according to the Standard-Times.

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-texas-man-tied-6-year-old-door-dog-leash-beat-hammer-20190818-5mgafca4svbvfpgnc7nfgsjlvi-story.html

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