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Terrorist Gets 20 Years In Psychiatric Facility For Forcing Her Ex To Have Sex By Using A Machete

Devil: Samantha Mears

A Montana judge sentenced a 20-year-old white female to 20 years in a psychiatric facility after she was convicted of lying in wait for her ex-boyfriend with a machete, then forcing him to have sex with her until he no longer could.

The assailant, Samantha Mears, hid behind her ex’s bedroom door and waited for him to come home, at which point she held her weapon to his neck, according to a June 2018 police report posted by The Smoking Gun.

Police say she then “ordered (the victim) to get on the bed and remove his clothes" and he “complied with her demands for fear of her safety.”

She ended her attack when the victim, who reportedly had a bite mark on his arm when police arrived, was no longer physically able to comply.

Following the assault, the sex terrorist is said to have “intentionally urinated herself while sitting on the bed,” causing $600 damage.

The victim’s sister entered the home while the assault was taking place and received a text from her brother telling her to leave. He later called police to report the crime, according to the report.

Mears initially told police the sex was consensual, but the arrest report also indicated she “was not making much sense” and replied to questions with unrelated answers.


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