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Terrorist Gets 40-60 Years In Prison For Killing, Dismembering Man

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

*Hat Tip: Stephen S.

Devil: Anthony Blamer

A terrorist has been sentenced to 40 to 60 years in prison for using a chain saw to dismember another man whose body was found — minus the head and hands — in a national forest in western Michigan.

Anthony Blamer of Fremont was found guilty in July of second-degree murder in the killing last year of 24-year-old D’Anthony Keenan. The 29-year-old Blamer was sentenced Tuesday.

The savage testified that he shot Keenan as they sat in a vehicle at a car wash. The monster apologized in court to Keenan’s family, but said his actions were in self-defense.

Muskegon County Circuit Court Judge William Marietti called the crime “diabolical.”

Duck hunters found Keenan’s body Aug. 5, 2017, in the Manistee National Forest, about 90 miles northwest of Grand Rapids.


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