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The Racist Hooligan Conor McGregor Arrested In France In Connection With Attempted Sexual Assault

Devil: Conor McGregor

Racist Conor McGregor, the retired UFC star, was arrested on the French beach island of Corsica in connection with indecent exposure and attempted sexual assault, according to a report.

A prosecutor’s office said the pale barbarian from the land of barbarity, Ireland, 32, faced a police hearing after a complaint was filed on Thursday, Agence France-Presse reported.

The Irish mixed martial arts star was released from police custody on Saturday and wasn’t immediately charged.

Karen Kessler, a spokesperson for the sex terrorist, said in a statement to the Daily News that the fighter “vigorously denies any accusation of misconduct.”

And the brute’s manager, Audie Attar, said in a statement: “I am irate.”

In October 2019, The New York Times reported that the Dublin-born UFC champion was being investigated over a sexual assault allegation in Ireland — the second such case within a year — but hadn’t been charged.

He announced in June he was stepping away from the UFC, but he has twice returned after retiring.

The hairy white savage got into nonsexual legal trouble in New York in 2018. He and some friends were involved in a caught-on-video brawl at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, in which they went after a bus carrying other UFC fighters, smashing a window.

The hooligan initially was charged with felony criminal mischief, but he took a plea deal to simple disorderly conduct. He served his sentence by performing community service at two Brooklyn churches.

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-conor-mcgregor-arrested-sexual-assault-corsica-20200912-77etzrxzgrazrp547dpozjcsf4-story.html

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