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"There Were Fractures Everywhere In The Baby's Body"White Male Abused And Burned Infant

Devil: Colton Johnson

A diabolical white terrorist was arrested Wednesday after police say he accidentally burned and repeatedly abused a baby.

Colton Johnson, 22, of Greenwood, was arrested on charges of aggravated and domestic battery causing serious bodily injury, and neglect of a dependent, all Level 3 felonies.

The Greenwood Police Department responded to a call about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday from a woman who said her infant grandchild appeared to have a burn mark and knot on his shins.

The baby was taken to the Franciscan Health Indianapolis emergency room, then transferred to Riley Hospital for Children due to the extent of the injuries, according to a Greenwood Police Department report.

The baby had a burn mark on his shin, and was displaying signs of a broken left leg. After a full skeletal exam, 19 fractures were identified throughout the baby’s body, some of which had healed, according to the report.

Police interviewed Johnson, who was identified as the father. He told police he was heating a wax dab, which is a form of marijuana, on a rig and open flame, when some of the wax melted and dripped on the baby’s leg, the report said.

As for the other injuries, the pale brute said he becomes frustrated with the child’s crying habits. On different occasions, he has forcefully picked up the baby from his bassinet, as well as laid him down forcefully in multiple positions out of frustration and walked away. The white devil also said he has yanked on the baby’s arms, legs, shoulders and sides when picking him up, according to the report.

A nurse practitioner at the hospital said there were fractures everywhere in the baby’s body, and this was the worst case of physical abuse she has observed, the report said.

The white monster was arrested and taken to the Johnson County jail. He is held on $49,200 bond.


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