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Tiger King's Joe Exotic Indulged In Bestiality And Used Stuffed Animals As Sex Toys

Diabolical Racist Homosexual: Joe Exotic

Tiger King's Joe Exotic indulged in bestiality, used stuffed animals as sex toys and had two protesters' bodies buried at his zoo, the park's new owner has claimed exclusively to DailyMailTV.  

Jeff Lowe, who now owns Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma with his wife Lauren, claims Netflix only showed one percent of Joe's crimes and suspicious business deals in the popular docuseries.  

'In just the few years that we knew him, we witnessed so many horrendous things that he did to people and businesses, nobody around here would take his checks because he bounced them on everybody,' Lowe said. 

Joe is currently serving 22 years in federal prison for plotting to have his arch nemesis Carole Baskin murdered and for more than a dozen wildlife violations, including killing five tigers. 

But Lowe claims Joe was only convicted of a fraction of the crimes he committed while operating the zoo, going further to allege he got entangled in the whole scandal when Joe conned him into investing in his zoo by claiming he was HIV positive and only had a few years left to live. 

Devils: Jeff and Lauren Lowe

Reporters has contacted Joe's lawyers for comment.  

Lowe said he met Joe for the first time in 2015 when he flew him and his then husband Travis Maldonado to Colorado because Lowe was interested in buying a zoo in Callahan, Colorado.

'Joe wanted to come out to Colorado to give me his professional opinion because he thought he was the gift of all the zoos, he was going to tell us what had to be changed in order to bring the zoo back to USDA compliance,' Lowe said.

While out in Colorado Joe made his pitch for the Lowes to buy his zoo. That's when Joe told the couple he was dying.

Joe told Lowe because of his HIV diagnosis, he had only two years to live and he needed someone who loved animals and had the financial wherewithal to continue to run the park after he died.

'He presented me these pictures of himself on his phone with his face all swelled up and his lips all purple. Joe told me at that time he was HIV positive,' Lowe said.

'Joe told us he had a $5 million life insurance policy and he was going to put us down as a 50 percent beneficiary so we would have money to take care of the animals, with his husband Travis getting the other 50 percent.' 

Just days after Joe flew back to Oklahoma, he was blowing up Lowe's phone with pictures of his life insurance policies as proof he wasn't lying. 

Lowe said: 'He basically begged us to come out there to help him save it.'

Later Lowe found out most of the policies had been cancelled for non-payment or Joe had already cashed them out. 

Lowe added: 'Joe not only told us he was HIV positive on several occasions, but told several other people. He used it to his advantage so he could scam something out of them, if it wasn't HIV, it was cancer.'

In reality, Lowe said he found out Joe did have an auto immune disease called CVID, it's not transmitted sexually like HIV, but mimics the genetic code of HIV.

Common variable immune deficiency (CVID) is a disorder that impairs the immune system. People with CVID are highly susceptible to infection from foreign invaders such as bacteria, or more rarely, viruses and often develop recurrent infections, particularly in the lungs, sinuses, and ears.

Whenever Joe had to go to the hospital or to the doctors for treatment for his CVID, he said it was either cancer, HIV or something else, Lowe said.

He added: 'I mean he used that as a crutch whenever times were tough and he'd get out of line, he'd say, ''I've got this cancer, I have this auto immune deficiency you know, and I can't pay the bills''.'

Meanwhile, Lowe claims Joe was embezzling from the both the zoo and his parents, and using the money to pay male prostitutes he would meet on Craigslist.

Lowe said there were several times he would get up early and find a young man wandering around the parking lot after Joe had just kicked him out of his house after having homo sex. 

On one occasion Lowe said he saw one guy wandering around who told Lowe: 'I'm not leaving until I get my money, Joe promised me $400.'

Copies of emails obtained by reporters show that Joe would meet the young men from Craigslist ads, promise them money to come down and have butt-sex with him. 

Lowe said that after having butt-sex, Joe would kick them out of the house, often without paying.

After Joe had left the zoo, Lowe said he had gained access to some of Joe's email accounts and found such messages, where Joe would solicit young faggots from Oklahoma City to come have sex with him for money.

'We found lists of all of these accounts and passwords and I got into a couple of his email accounts and found him soliciting for big black cock every Tuesday or Thursday night out of Oklahoma City on Craigslist. 

'He would write to them, 'I'll pay you $400 to fuck me. I'll pay you $300, to come fuck me. Come fuck me now.'

'Joe was embezzling money from the zoo in order to pay all of these men to come have sex with him, he was only making $150.00 a week at the time. He was using the zoo as his own personal piggy bank,' Lowe said.

Lowe recalls Joe telling a zoo worker that if he ever dies, not to let his mother into the attic, so as soon as he got a chance, he decided to go see 'what this fucker is hiding in the attic.'

He continued: 'As soon as I pulled the stairs down... it was like packages, packages and packages of these whips and chains and bondage devices.' 

Devils: Joe with his butt-buddies John Finlay (left) and Travis (right)

Lowe said he also found several thumb drives containing pictures and videos of Joe and his then-husband John Finlay dressed up in trashy lingerie, hanging from sex swings. 

He also found videos and pictures of Finlay engaging in a sex act with another man while Joe filmed it.

Lowe said: 'We also found pictures of stuffed animals where the mouths and ends of the animals had holes cut out in them where they would use them as their own sex toy.'

Reporters obtained images of such stuffed animals and photos of lingerie Joe allegedly wore.  

Joe Exotic's sex toy

Lowe also said he heard about allegations of bestiality with Joe and Finlay. 

He claims an employee found a thumb drive that showed Joe and John, with John dressed like a cheerleader, walking around the zoo having sex with farm animals. '

Lowe claimed a former zoo security guard told him that Joe used to get some of his animals, including goats, sheep and alpacas, and bring them into his house in the middle of the night. 

Then, 30 to 40 minutes later Joe would put them back in their cages, Lowe said, adding the employee told him: 'You would hear horrible things coming from inside that house.' 

One of the more shocking details Lowe claims that he learned there could be dead bodies buried on the property.

'After Joe was arrested, four locals who didn't know each other told me that there could be dead bodies buried on my property.' 

Lowe said he was told one of the employees would get drunk and tell how one night, several years ago they were out on the property getting high with another zoo employee when two protestors were attempting to climb the fence. 

Lowe says he was told one employee shot both of them, with one supposedly dying on the fence and the other falling to the ground choking and gagging on blood, promoting the employee to shoot them again. 

Lowe said: 'It was about 3am at this time. After they were finished off, they told Joe what happened. Joe instructed them to put the bodies into the cavity of the big construction tires they have out there that weigh about 200lbs each. 

'He then told them to throw gasoline on it and light it on fire to burn the bodies.

'Joe thought the dead protestors were working with PETA and they were UK citizens, which is why they never showed up on a missing person's report.' 

Lowe said he told the authorities about this information, prompting an inspection. 

He said: 'They came out and searched that particular area of the property bringing a bone specialist from the FBI out of Quantico. They walked around and dug in certain areas. 

'The problem was it was the area where Joe had thrown animal bones at for years. There were already hundreds of bones buried there from the animals that they fed to the cats.' 

Lowe said the Feds made a determination at the time to wait and see how long Joe was going to be sentenced for. From there they were going to evaluate the situation to see if it was worth the estimated $1 million to excavate and process the entire area. 

So far Lowe said he hasn't heard back from the FBI.

Lowe believes Joe was guilty of all of the charges, especially killing the five tigers he was convicted on.

He points to zoo employee Erik Cowie, who claimed Joe asked him to tell him which five tigers weren't able to breed. After doing so, Joe went over to their cages and shot each one of them in the head.

Lowe said: 'Erik had no idea what Joe what was going to do when he sent them to their execution, he was devastated after Joe shot them. 

'Joe had a circus guy who came every year who boarded his cats at Joe's zoo, he paid Joe $5,000 in cash. 

'But this time Joe didn't have any extra space, so he needed to get rid of some of his own tigers to make room to board the one's he was going to make money on.

'If I saw Joe today, I would tell him, you did this Joe, this was not on us.'

He added: 'Netflix wanted you to believe that I stole the zoo from Joe and Joe wants you to believe it as well, [but] he begged me to buy it. He wanted me to bail his a** out of trouble.'  

Lowe scoffs at the recent $94 million civil lawsuit Joe Exotic against him and several others, saying: 'This is typical Joe always blaming someone else for his own actions, nothing was ever his fault. Joe ended up where he deserves to be, in prison.'   


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