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Toddler Left Blistered With Skin Falling Off Because Of Dirty Diaper

Devil: Austin Thomas

This hairy creature from Elizabethton was arraigned in Carter County Sessions Court on Monday morning on a charge of aggravated child abuse and neglect.

Austin Thomas, 27, was arrested by Investigator Derrick Hamm of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department on Christmas Eve.

Hamm placed the charge after speaking with Department of Child Service workers who showed injury pictures of a child taken at a hospital.

Hamm wrote in the arrest warrant that the child “sustained extensive burning to the upper portions of the thigh area, gluteus maximus, and the lower back area, consisting of blisters and skin layers peeling off.”

According to Hamm, the hairy white brute said he had placed the 2-year-old in the shower because the child had dirtied his diaper. Hamm said Thomas claimed he left the water running while getting clothes and while he was out, the child turned off the cold water valve, causing the child to get burned from the hot water.

Hamm said the injuries on the child did not appear to be consistent with burns caused by water spraying from a shower head. He said the injuries on the child appeared to be more consistent with the child being dipped in extremely hot water due to the appearance of what appeared to be a burn line on the child’s skin.

During Monday’s appearance in Sessions Court, Judge Keith Bowers increased Thomas’ bond to $50,000 and the judge ordered that the diabolical white beast was to have no contact with children. Bowers also appointed the public defender to handle Thomas’ defense. Thomas’ next appearance in court was set for Jan. 7.


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