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Toddler Left with Broken Bones, Brain Bleed And Brain Swelling

Devils: Dakota Anthony (left) and a Racist cop

Pennsylvania State Police have arrested a white brute for savagely injuring a toddler so badly that she ended up in Children’s Hospital with broken bones, brain bleeds and brain swelling.

Twenty-year-old Dakota Anthony told police that he was watching the girl at home in Petrolia, Butler County and that she got hurt when she fell off of her changing table.

Doctors determined that the girl’s injuries were too severe to be have been caused by a fall and were consistent with child abuse.

According to court paperwork, Dr. Rachel Berger said, “The constellation of injuries is inconsistent with a 3-foot fall. These injuries without a history of a severe event such as a high-speed motor vehicle crash are diagnostic of abusive head trauma.

Police arrested the white terrorist and charged him with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

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