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Two Diabolical Racist White Terrorists Ran Down A Black Teen With A Jeep

Diabolical Racist Terrorists: Russell Courtier and Colleen Hunt

The racist/terrorist ex-girlfriend of a convicted white supremacist who intentionally and fatally ran down a black teenager in Oregon has apologized to the family of the victim for her role in his death.

Colleen Hunt (fascinating name for a racist/white supremacist), 37, wrote that she did not realize how dangerous Russell Courtier, 40, was “until it was too late” and has replayed the night of the killing “a million times trying to figure out where it all went wrong,” according to The Oregonian.

“I wish I made different decisions...(T)hings got out of control so fast that one thing lead (sic) to another and a life was lost. There are no words to explain this terrible situation and the remorse I feel.”

The trifling letter was written before her sentencing Tuesday and made public the following day after it was entered into her court file, The Oregonian reported. The racist ogress was sentenced to only10 years for first-degree manslaughter. She avoided further penalty by admitting guilt part way through the March trial.

Victim Of White Terrorism: Larnell Bruce

She and the racist killer, her boyfriend at the time and member of the white supremacist gang European Kindred, were in a Jeep in August 2016 when Hunt encouraged Courtier to drive into 19-year-old Larnell Bruce after the two men fought outside a convenience store near Portland, authorities said. A video captured Bruce running down a street and sidewalk as he was chased by Courtier in the moments before the teen was hit.

Bruce died several days later.

“I cannot take your pain away but it is my hope to be forgiven by you and by God. From the depths of my soul I am sorry,” Hunt wrote in her letter.

Courtier was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 28 years. He did not make a statement at his sentencing or write an apology letter.

Bruce’s mother, Christina Miles, addressed Courtier in court and said “you allowed the devil to misguide you and take the life of such a beautiful young spirit.”

The teen’s father, Larnell Bruce Sr., said he hopes Courtier will use his time in prison to think about his white supremacist views and whether or not he wants his own son, who is 8, to uphold the same beliefs.

“That ideology that you have is not good for anybody,” he said.


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