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UPDATE: Becky In Viral Racist Videos Struck By Fire Dept. Truck DIES

Devil: Rachel Dawn Ruit

An Asheville racist pedophile caught on camera hurling racist insults at a Charlotte couple has died after being hit by a vehicle, ABC affiliate WLOS reported.

Officers responded to Patton Avenue Monday afternoon after reports of an evil becky being struck in the roadway, the Asheville Police Department said.

Officers located Rachel Dawn Ruit suffering from life-threatening injuries. The racist bitch was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but she thankfully died from her injuries.

Officials said an Asheville Fire Truck was involved in the crash.

It is not clear why she was in the road, but an investigation is underway.

Meanwhile black folks all around the globe are reacting:

Source: https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/asheville-woman-viral-hate-speech-video-struck-by-vehicle-critical-condition/ZXKBNJQSCRE7XI5O5TAIH34WNI/

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