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Warren Beatty Accused Of Raping A 14-Year-Old Virgin

Devil: Warrent Beatty

Warren Beatty’s accuser detailed the statutory rape she claims she endured at the hands of the movie star — four years before she sued him.

Kristina Charlotte Hirsch — who filed her lawsuit against Beatty, now 85, on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court — posted a YouTube video in 2018 titled, “WARREN BEATTY STATUTORY RAPE STATEMENT: Sexual Abuse of Children and Teen girls in Hollywood.”

In the selfie-style video, which Hirsch filmed outside, she stated, “In 1973, I was a 14-year-old virgin.”

She alleged she was “brought and introduced to” the actor — who would have been around 35 at the time — on the set of his thriller-drama “The Parallax View” for the “purposes of sexual pandering by an adult.”

Hirsch claimed she was “unaware of” what was happening at the time, alleging the two “carried on a relationship” from the spring of 1973 until January 1974 that she believed was “special.”

She said she realizes now that it was “a crime that Beatty was [allegedly] committing by raping [her], forcing [her] to have oral sex upon him, having oral sex with [her], sodomizing [her] and emotionally damaging [her] for the past 44 years.”

“Our time is God’s time, and our patience is a virtue,” she said. “By the grace of God, we ask all predators, pedophiles, hebephiles and all of those who are not well please to repent and seek counsel.”

At the time her video was filmed, Hirsch said she was an ordained minister in the Unitarian Church and introduced herself as Pastor Tina St. Claire.

She ended her message by asking Anderson Cooper to interview her about her claims.

In her lawsuit, Hirsch — who now lives in Louisiana — accused Beatty the pedophile of “predatory grooming” and coercing her into having sex with him when she was a minor.

In her lawsuit, which was obtained Wednesday by Page Six, she claimed the Oscar winner paid her “undue attention” when they met on the film set and that he commented “repeatedly on her looks,” called her numerous times, brought her along on car rides, offered to help her with her homework and invited her to his live-in hotel.

She also accused him of speaking to her on several occasions “about losing her virginity” and described his behavior as “oppressive, malicious and despicable in that it was intentional and done in conscious disregard for [her] rights and safety.”


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