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White Babysitter Pleads Guilty To Abusing Toddler, Sending Videos To Pedophile Lover

Devils: Paige Pool and Ross Kingsland

An American babysitter made videos of herself abusing a British toddler to send to her pedophile boyfriend, a UK court heard.

Paige Poole — who moved to London in 2018 to marry an Englishman — was heard laughing in some of the clips as she abused a one-year-old child, DevonLive said.

She then sent videos and details of the abuse via WhatsApp to her married lover, 44-year-old dad Ross Kingsland, who called her his “Dark Angel” and wrote, “You make my black heart so happy,” the court heard Tuesday.

Poole, 28, pleaded guilty in Exeter Crown Court to a slew of disturbing offenses — including 11 sex assaults and taking and distributing indecent photos of a child, DevonLive said.

She and Kingsland also both admitted conspiring to rape another child.

Poole was sentenced to 17 years, the final four of which could be served in the community if she abides by court-mandated rules while in prison.

Kingsland was sentenced to 15 years, also including the chance of the final four years in the community, after pleading guilty to multiple offenses including aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of a child and conspiracy to assault a child.

Judge David Evans called them a “true meeting of wicked minds.”

“The bald truth is that each of you is a morally corrupt pedophile, and it was the great misfortune of others that you found each other,” he said, according to DevonLive.

“You have deliberately and together caused the most awful distress to a good number of people. You have destroyed the lives of individuals and families concerned,” Evans said.

The couple were brought down last summer when Kingsland was arrested after trying to negotiate to meet and abuse two children, aged 8 and 12, with someone who was actually an undercover officer, the court heard.

During the exchange, Kingsland — who has a previous conviction for exposing himself two 12-year-old girls — shared a video of a woman abusing a child, DevonLive said.

After his arrest, videos of Poole’s abuse were found on their phones.

“Kingsland and Poole are two very dangerous individuals who abused a child and brought misery to families, senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Si Costin told DevonLive.

“The only satisfaction we can take is that the two offenders will be in prison for a long time and can’t hurt anyone else.”

The reports did not specify where in the US Poole was originally from, and the UK police force did not immediately respond to requests for elaboration.

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/02/10/babysitter-pleads-guilty-to-abusing-toddler-sending-videos-to-lover/

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