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White Babysitter Rapes Non-Verbal 16-Year-Old Boy With Autism

Devil: Stephanie Bradshaw

A white female from Carmel has been arrested after police say she raped a 16-year-old boy with autism while babysitting him last week, authorities announced Tuesday.

Hamilton County prosecutors charged Stephanie Bradshaw with rape and two counts of sexual battery involving a victim who is mentally disabled after video footage purportedly showed the diabolical becky raping the boy in his room.

Police in an arrest report said the boy’s parents alerted authorities Monday after noticing suspicious activity on their surveillance footage inside the child’s room earlier that night. The 47-year-old woman was seen removing her pants while tucking their son into bed, records state. The child rapist noticed the camera pointing in their direction and turned it away from the bed, detectives said.

Thirty minutes passed from the time the evil whore moved the camera and returned downstairs, police said.

The parents told police they keep cameras in the room to watch the child remotely. He’s a non-verbal, 16-year-old boy on the autism spectrum, the arrest report said. They later told police they found the sex terrorist on the Nextdoor app.

The parents later found more footage from a night the evil bitch babysat for them last week. Police examined the video and said the whore took off her pants in the boy’s bedroom and then “appears to have intercourse with the juvenile victim.”

Five minutes later, she’s seen “abruptly” getting off the boy and pulling her pants up. A minute later, the parents come into the room, police said.

Carmel detectives took the sex criminal into custody on Monday. She called the boy “handsy” and told police he instigated all the encounters. She told investigators she worked for the family roughly 12 times in the last few months.

The child molester eventually confirmed she raped the boy on July 28 and told police she wanted him to “experience a sexual encounter.”

Bradshaw is booked in Hamilton County Jail. Her bail is set at $30,000.

Anyone with further information about this case is asked to call the Carmel Police Department at 317-571-2500.


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