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White Boy Exterminates His Family Before Posting Graphic Photos Of Their Bodies On Social Media

Devil: William Quince Colburn III

A 15-year-old white boy shot his family and two dogs dead and then posted disturbing pictures of their bodies on social media before killing himself when police arrived.

William Quince Colburn III took to social media to admit killing his parents and sister before sharing images of his slain family and threatening to carry out more violence at an unnamed school.

The posts led local cops to his RV home in Aransas Pass where they tried to coax him outside – only for the teenager to shoot himself dead.

Inside they found 63-year-old William Colburn Jr., 53-year-old Jana Colburn, Colburn III and 13-year-old Emma Colburn.

Mahria Batts, who lost her parents and siblings in the shootings, said she learned of the sad news on the morning of her mother's birthday.

'This morning, we all woke up excited to tell our Mother a Happy 53rd Birthday,' Batts said on a GoFundMe page.

'Instead, we were devastated with news that has broken us to our core.'

Batts said she was struggling to understand the slayings.

Devils: William 'Buck' Colburn Jr (top left), his wife Jana Colburn and their duaghtger Emma Colburn and the terrorist William 'Quince' Colburn III

'As you can imagine, this is hard for us right now,' she said. 'This is not something we ever imagined to happen. We were not prepared for one loss, yet alone our.

'We are hurt. We do not understand. We are lost. We are angry.'

Police said that had it not been for the 'speedy action' of the social media website and other teens within the group where the threat was made, 'we might well have been working on an even more tragic event later this morning.'

These racists were shot in the family's Aransas Pass home

San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera said he was thankful police acted quickly in the case.

'I´m glad that we were able to find him before something worse could have happened,' Rivera said.

R.I.P. (Rest In Poop): Emma Colburn

Rivera said it was unclear what school the young terrorist might have been threatening. He said the white terrorist wasn't registered at any local schools and authorities believe he was homeschooled.

'I'm not sure which school he planned to attack but he certainly had the weapons and ammunition to do so,' Rivera said.

He said the terrorist had at least two guns and a rifle.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9999205/Texas-teen-posts-images-slain-family-kills-self.html

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