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White Brute Accused Of Breaking Infant's Arm And Legs

Devil: Justin Michael Gluck

A 2-month-old baby is recovering from multiple fractures to their body after a white brute violently shook them more than once, Hernando County deputies say. 

The baby's mother knew something was wrong after the baby cried uncontrollably after she moved the child's arm while giving them a bath. Concerned, she contacted the baby's pediatrician, who then ordered x-rays.

The x-rays revealed multiple fractures on the baby's body. Further examination showed the baby had corner fractures on their upper left arm as well as a compression fracture to their left forearm, fractures to both legs just above the knees and a fracture to the baby's left leg just below the knee. the sheriff's office said. 

Additionally, the baby had a rib fracture likely the result of being squeezed too hard, deputies reported. 

All of the baby's injuries were at various stages of healing, doctors told deputies. 

According to deputies, 25-year-old Justin Michael Gluck had said he abruptly grabbed the baby from a playpen after he had become angry and frustrated. 

After learning the white terrorist was staying in Tampa, deputies say they contacted Hillsborough County deputies to assist. 

In a recorded interview, deputies say the pale monster admitted to shaking and squeezing the baby out of frustration to get them to stop crying. He also stated he abruptly lifted the baby out of their crib by their left arm several times, and while changing the baby's diaper would force the baby's bent legs into a straight position to get clothes back on. 

Deputies say this all happened during June and July. 

Hillsborough County deputies arrested the white devil and booked him in the Hillsborough County Jail. He will be transferred to the Hernando County Jail to be charged with aggravated child abuse, according to public arrest records.


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