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White Brute Accused Of Trying To Kidnap, Then Purchase A Child

Devil: Ronnie Lou Helton

A 73-year-old white pervert is accused of trying to take a small child from a Corbin home.

Little 3-year-old Frank was playing in his front yard Wednesday when his grandmother says the unthinkable almost happened. A white male pulled up across the street, then walked over to their home. While Frank was on a trailer, the grandmother says he tried to reach around the short fence to grab him.

She was just a few feet away on her front porch when she and her boyfriend got him to stop. But then she said he offered to buy her grandson for $1,000.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you a thousand dollars for this little boy,’” Frank’s grandmother Kristy Baker said.

Baker and her boyfriend got 73-year-old Ronnie Lou Helton to leave and he was arrested a short time later.

She got enough information from his car and police were able to track down and arrest the pedophile.

“I really do not want to imagine what he could have done if he got him,” Baker said.

This is not Helton’s first run-in with the law. We did some digging and found out in 2019, he was arrested in Clay County for solicitation for prostitution.

“My best advice to anyone out there is hold your kids close and keep an eye on them. It only takes a split second to lose them,” Baker said.

Baker says her grandson wasn’t hurt, but is shaken up by the ordeal. She says he keeps saying “the mean man tried to get him.”

The diabolical white pedophile is in the Whitley County Jail charged with kidnapping and promoting human trafficking.

Source: https://www.wsaz.com/2021/04/10/man-accused-of-trying-to-purchase-a-child-in-corbin/

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