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White Brute Gets Up To 775 Years In Prison For Filming Sex Abuse Of An Infant

Devil: Richard Smith

A West Virginia brute convicted of filming an infant being sexually abused will likely spend life in prison.

Kanawha Circuit Judge Tera Salango sentenced Richard Smith II, 41, on Wednesday to serve between 205 and 775 years behind bars.

The ruthless pedophile was convicted last month of 11 counts of first-degree sexual abuse, four counts of sexual assault and five counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in position of trust.

After handing down the sentence, Salango told the monster the videos he made that jurors had to watch “brought grown men to tears,” the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported.

“I think that you are one of the most evil persons who I’ve ever encountered,” Salango said.

The despicable beast declined to speak before being sentenced.

The child rapist and his ex-girlfriend, Roseanna Thompson, were arrested in May 2018 and accused of recording Thompson's granddaughter being abused three years prior, state police said at the time. The arrests came after troopers were tipped off that Smith had child pornography at his home, news outlets reported.

Thompson is scheduled to stand trial in April.

Source: https://www.fox5dc.com/news/man-gets-up-to-775-years-in-prison-for-filming-sex-abuse-of-infant?fbclid=IwAR0meU7uvygp08TQI0xORD8aaO9b_Wh7JU5p7c7K4X-UXvTIwBcvUcw243w

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