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White Brute Said He Did Not Think It Was Illegal To Masturbate In Your Own Car

Devil: Steven Lee Donovan

Meet the pale degenerate Steven Lee Donovan.

The 22-year-old pizza deliveryman was pleasuring himself Tuesday night while seated behind the wheel of a 1996 Honda Civic parked outside a Circle K in Fruitland Park, Florida.

While the sex terrorist was masturbating, a woman whose car was parked next to the Honda noticed that the vehicle’s sole inhabitant had penis in hand and was stroking himself in “up and down motions."

Unfortunately for the masturbator, the witness was an off-duty cop from a neighboring city. She copied down the Honda’s license plate (JACR06), which she subsequently provided to police dispatchers.

A Fruitland Park Police Department report notes that a review of surveillance footage captured the suspect--who wore a black mask--“pulling his pants down as he grabs his genital area” and “making a continual motion with his genital area.”

Cops tracked the vehicle to a residence where they found the white savage, who works for a Hungry Howie’s pizza franchise, and Maxine Munro, his 20-year-old girlfriend (and the car’s registrant). During questioning, the sex terrorist reportedly told police that he drove to Circle K around 10:00 PM to grab a post-work drink.

After the sex criminal placed himself at the scene of the masturbation, he was arrested and placed in handcuffs. It was at this point that Munro asked to speak with Donovan, who was in the rear of a patrol car.

During the couple’s conversation--which was recorded by a dash cam--Donovan was “very apologetic to Maxine,” cops reported. Acknowledging that he was “horny and was masturbating to pornography,” Donovan “advised Maxine that he didn’t think masturbating in his car was illegal.”

Sadly, Donovan apparently did not further expound on his belief that a Honda’s interior was some kind of a sovereign zone.

Charged with exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor, Donovan was booked into the Lake County jail. He was freed from custody early yesterday morning upon posting $1000 bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned on August 13.


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