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White Brute Who Married His Sex Doll Is In Love With Ashtray No

*Hat Tip: Kevin D.

Devil: Yuri Tolochko

This white degenerate is proof that white people are strange.

Yuri Tolochko — who infamously married his specially designed sex doll Margo last November in a “wedding ceremony” attended by dozens of guests — has found a new love match: a giant ashtray he wants to adorn with an artificial vagina.

Where did the “pansexual” 36-year-old brute meet his bizarre new love?

At the club, of course.

Although the proudly bald social media star from Kazakhstan noticed the ashtray a while ago, he claimed it was only when he arranged a photo shoot with the butt receptacle — during a paid personal appearance at the venue — that he discovered he had feelings for it.

Goodbye fleshy, lifelike silicone — this white savage is into hardcore heavy metal now!

“I liked it — the smell of it, the touch of metal on my skin. It’s fantastic,” he proudly declared to Jam Press. “I like the touch of sharp metal on my skin, it excites me so I think you can understand what attracts me to this ashtray.”

Rumor has it Tolochko met his new love while estranged from his wife Margo, with whom his marital bond was reportedly “broken” sometime last year.

Tolochko also claimed he’s been dating his ashtray for a couple of months now, and while his new love — let’s call it AT, shall we? — is older, he’s of the “age ain’t nuthin’ but a number” mindset.

“I generally like things with history,” Tolochko said. “I love that this is not a new ashtray — it has had contact with a really large number of people.”

AT also helps him satisfy a once-secret fetish for dirty stuff, he admitted. “When I hugged it [and] pulled out cigarette butts, cigarette packs and all sorts of stuff, I liked it,” he said. “I liked it when the ashes stained my bare feet, body and beard.”

Just because he fell hard and fast, he’s not expecting AT to give up their hard-earned career: “I want to bring this ashtray home, but it still has to continue to work in the smoking room. After all, this is what I like … I can bring it home sometimes.”

Still, he’s not ruling out taking it to the “girlfriend” stage with AT — and plans to “maybe even replenish my harem.” However, he’s also planning to take the big plunge: By gifting AT with an artificial sex orifice.

“I think the vagina can be placed in a tube and the tube can be placed in a round hole where cigarettes are thrown,” he said, without a hint of irony or self-deprecation.

Meanwhile, the man that’s likely turned a million stomachs with his globally viral shenanigans stressed that he does engage in sexual intercourse with humans sometimes — he just prefers engaging with “objects” much more frequently.

“I have a special passion for objects — they have always been alive for me [since childhood],” he claimed. “This is certainly not the same as a person, these are completely different feelings. This is akin to how a violinist can love his violin which is 300 years old.”

Believe it or not, Tolochko’s far-fetched fetish could actually be a real paraphilia — which is commonly defined as “a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities,” in the Oxford Dictionary.

Sometimes referred to as “agalmatophilia,” it’s a kink in which individuals “derive sexual arousal from an attraction to (usually nude) statues, dolls, mannequins and/or other similar body shaped objects,” according to Dr. Mark Griffiths, a psychologist and professor at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, reporting for Psychology Today.

Also on the paraphilia spectrum, “object sexuality” widens the net to include people “who develop deep emotional and/or romantic attachments to (and have relationships with) specific inanimate objects or structures,” Griffith reported.

Regardless, Tolochko — who hypes himself as an opera director, acting teacher, public speaker and performer — now aims to enter the streaming porn industry to better entertain his 108,000 Instagram followers.

“I am good at it. I am unique in some things,” the immodest renaissance man admitted. “I always have a high degree of emotions and well-developed sensing.”


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