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White Bus Driver Facing Over 100 Charges Of Child Rape

Devil: Larry Reed

A white pervert is facing 101 charges, accused of making sexual contact with two young teenage girls.

A mother told the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department in August that 38-year-old Larry Reed had inappropriately touched her daughter at his home in Pedro.

She also said her daughter’s friend said she’d been molested by the pedophile multiple times.

Investigators interviewed both girls, ages 15 and 14. One of the girls said she’d been inappropriately touched once. The other said she’d been inappropriately touched multiple times for four or five years.

Investigators say while they were interviewing the child molester, he admitted to the accusations.

the sex terrorist faces 100 charges of first-degree rape of one girl and one count of third-degree sexual imposition of the other.

The child rapist’s been at the Lawrence County Jail since he was arrested Aug. 20 on $1 million bond. The grand jury filed additional charges Friday.

The sex criminal worked as a school bus driver in Rock Hill.

The sheriff’s department says the allegations against the diabolical child molester took place at his home and had nothing to do with him being a bus driver.


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