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White Couple Charged After Child Found Covered In Feces Suffering From A Possible Blood Clot

Devils: Daniel and Kelly White

Police in Clarksville arrested a couple of white savages after a young child in their care was found covered in shit and suffering from a possible blood clot on Christmas Eve.

According to court documents, officers were called to a home in the 200 block of State Street on Dec. 24 to assist EMS workers with a young patient. EMS told police they arrived at the home and found the child with two people — 32-year-old Daniel White and 38-year-old Kelly White — on top of the boy, "scratching at his chest area and choking him."

Police said Kelly White told first responders she noticed a "bulge" in the boy's neck when she woke up and that she and Daniel were trying to make a blood clot in his vein "go away by rubbing it down his body."

Court documents indicate Kelly White told police she is the boy's legal guardian but had stayed with his biological mother the night before. She said the mother "is not around" and doesn't have a phone number or valid address.

One man who lives nearby on South State Street said police come there quite often, "probably three or four times a week."

"There were probably seven or eight police officers posted up outside the house for hours," another neighbor said.

Police took photographs of the boy's injuries and took a statement from him.

It is not clear if Daniel White is related to the child, but both Daniel and Kelly live at the home. Both were arrested and charged with domestic battery and neglect of a dependent. They're being held at the Clark County Jail.


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