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White Father Shoots His 2-Year-Old Son In The Face With A Shotgun After An Argument With The Mom

Devil: Michael Christopher Glance

A white father shot his 2-year-old son in the face during a domestic dispute with the boy's mother.

Michael Christopher Glance, 32, of Michigan is accused of shooting Ryker Glance outside his Blackman Township home in Jackson County on April 16. 

Prosecutors say the white devil intentionally shot Ryker in the face while the boy was strapped in a car seat in the back of his mother's car. 

The terrorist is said to have then chased Ryker's mother - Nicole McCarthy - in an attempt to shoot her with a handgun. The gun malfunctioned and did not fire, prompting him to flee.  

A GoFundMe set up to help Ryker said: 'As a result of his injuries, Ryker has had five surgeries in the past 24 hours to repair his face, hand, arm and lungs. 

'He had titanium placed in his jaw and surgeons have reconstructed his mouth, gums and nose. Ryker now has over 100 stitches in his face post-surgery and is still listed in critical care with a ventilator and feeding tube installed in his stomach. 

'He has a long road of recovery ahead with more surgeries to come.'

Future School Shooter: Ryker Glance

The monster was arraigned on April 18 via video for multiple felony charges connected to the shooting.

The boy's grandfather, Doug McCarthy, told Thursday: '(Ryker's) doctors have been fantastic, and we've had so many people tell me they were praying for him and offering support.

'The doctors at Mott (C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor) are miracle workers.'  

Doug said his daughter has not left her son's side since he was injured. 

'Her children are her life,' the grandfather said of the mother-of-three. 

The GoFundMe has raised just under $30,000 of its $40,000 goal. 

'We are enlisting your help to raise funds to assist with any medical expenses, lodging, travel, lost wages and any other expenses incurred during this difficult time for the family,' the fundraiser states. 

An update on Sunday said: 'Ryker continues to be in critical condition but he is stable. His fever broke yesterday but he also had a breathing and heart rate drop. 

'Doctors worked to figure out why and get his heart rate back to normal and were successful. They are concerned to what caused it to drop and are going to do further tests. Ryker has another surgery scheduled for Tuesday to work on his hand.' 

The luciferian was charged with three counts each of assault with intent to murder and felony firearms. He is currently being held at the Jackson County Jail with a bond set at $10million. 

He could face up to a life in prison.

A petition has been filed with Child Protective Services to terminate his parental rights.   


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