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White Female Accused Of Livestreaming Child Sex Abuse Said She Needed The Money To Pay Rent

Devil: Chelsea Forbes

A Metairie white female who reportedly admitted livestreaming the graphic molestation of a 4-year-old child told authorities she did it for money.

Chelsea Forbes, 28, gave a full confession of the sexual abuse, including fondling and using a sex toy on the victim, said detective Kay Horne of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. The diabolical white female posted the video on a live feed to members of a chat group using the Kik messaging app, Horne said.

Authorities have also accused the white monster of trying to sell a sexually explicit photo of the victim to a man in the chat group for $1,500.

'Dire straits'

"She said she was in dire straits, as far as income, and she needed money to pay her rent and feed her kids," Horne testified Monday during a hearing in Magistrate Court.

The white devil was arrested Feb. 3 and booked with sexual battery and possession of pornography involving juveniles. Authorities have previously said that Forbes is known to the victim and the victim's family. The Times-Picayune is not releasing more information about the child, to avoid identifying the victim.

The Sheriff's Office opened the investigation after federal authorities in Florida contacted the agency, Horne said. An agent there had learned of the illicit live feed and traced the IP address to Forbes' residence, Horne said.

Apartment searched

Local authorities served a search warrant at Forbes' apartment and seized several devices, including a mobile phone holding the pornographic images that had been shared online, authorities said. They also found the sex toy that had been used on the child in the video and more child pornography on her devices, authorities said.

As Forbes was being interviewed by detectives, they noticed that she was wearing the same heart-shaped ring that could be seen on the hand of the adult who molested the victim during the livestream, Horne testified.

Criminal Commissioner Paul Schneider ruled Monday that there was probable cause to continue holding Forbes at the parish jail.

Assistant District Attorney Shannon Swaim argued against a motion to reduce Forbes' $150,000 bond, calling anyone who does this to a child and puts it in a chat room for money a danger to society. Schneider agreed and denied the motion.


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