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White Female Charged With Raping 12-Year-Old Boy, Had Him Call Her 'Mom'

Devil: Morgan Roberts

A white female from Kentucky is accused of raping a 12-year-old boy three different times. Morgan Roberts, 18, faces rape and sexual abuse charges.

Ludlow, Ky. police said the boy's mother contacted them after finding a text on her son's phone that read, "I took your V card and you liked it".

Police talked to the boy who said the sexual abuse happened once at his house, once at Roberts' house and once at a friend's house in Ludlow.

The boy was able to describe the female pedophile in ways that were only possible if he'd seen her without clothes.

Two of the boy's friends also said the shameless wench admitted to the abuse.

All three boys said the whore made them call her "mom," police said.

She was arrested Sept. 16 and is out on bond.

Source: https://fox17.com/news/nation-world/woman-charged-with-raping-12-year-old-boy-had-him-call-her-mom-police-say

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