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White Female Gets 20 Years For Sexually Terrorizing Children

*Hat Tip: Phil K.

Devil: Dacoda Ray

A Ridgeland white female was sentenced to 20 years in prison over charges of sexual battery against a minor.

Dacoda Ray, 35, will serve 20 years without parole and will have to register as sex offender upon release.

Last week, the female child rapist pleaded guilty to two sexual battery charges against two boys.

The boys, relatives of Ray, were six and nine years old at the time of the sex acts.

“Protecting the youngest members of our society from sexual predators is a priority in Madison and Rankin Counties, and we are fortunate to have law enforcement officers who will dedicate themselves to working these cases,” District Attorney Bubba Bramlett said. “Most of the sexual abuse cases we deal with involve male perpetrators but know that that is not always the case. We must remain vigilant to protect our children.”

Dacoda Ray’s son died in April 2019. At the time, she told her family and officials that he had choked to death on a piece of popcorn. Police identified her as a suspect shortly afterward. She has not been charged in that case.


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