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White Female Receives A Gunshot Wound In The Neck For Christmas From Her Pale Husband

Devils: Tristan Shifflet and Justin Kyle Marshall

A Pennsylvania white male has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, the mother of his child, in Hagerstown Christmas night.

Hagerstown Police officers responded to the report of a shooting at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday at 320 S. Burhans Blvd.

They found Tristan Shifflet, 37, of Hagerstown with gunshot wounds in her neck. She was taken to Meritus Medical Center where she died.

Investigators determined that her boyfriend, Justin Kyle Marshall, 34 of Greencastle Pa., shot her during a dispute and fled from the scene, according to a police statement.

The ruthless killer was tracked to West Virginia where he was arrested by Berkeley County Sheriff’s deputies at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday.

Shifflet and the killer had a young boy who was taken into custody by Washington County Child Protective Services. Pennsylvania State Police had an active arrest warrant for Marshall for assault in a previous incident involving Shifflet.

Marshall was convicted in 2004 of a Hagerstown murder. He was released from prison about two years ago, police say.

Marshall is charged with first-degree murder and other charges.


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