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White Female Took Vitamin Dick From A Teen While Her Boyfriend Was In Jail To Counter Depression

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Devils: Leanora Propes and Glenn James Marr

A Pennsylvania woman down in the dumps over her jailed boyfriend admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old boy to help her cope with depression, police said.

Leanora Propes, of Scranton, is facing statutory sexual assault charges after she acknowledged having raping the teen last summer while her boyfriend, Glenn James Marr, was incarcerated, WNEP reports.

Police said the ugly bitch told detectives she got intimate with the juvenile because she was lonely and depressed after Marr was locked up. Marr, 34, has also been charged with obstruction for giving investigators false information, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Marr, of Binghamton, New York, initially reported Propes’ sexual encounter with the teen before changing his story, saying that he concocted it to “get revenge” on her. The victim, who also denied the allegations at first, later told investigators he and Propes had four sexual encounters while Marr was behind bars, police said.

Both Propes and Marr were free after posting bail and are expected back in court on Wednesday, the Tribune-Review reports.

Source: https://nypost.com/2019/03/22/woman-had-sex-with-teen-while-boyfriend-was-in-jail-to-counter-depression-cops/?sr_share=facebook&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&fbclid=IwAR1TUVCG1_1E40lU_O9nV8l6nPxvItDkDaS9-XnVgc_do8fMf3egWe2Vang

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