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White Friend Charged With Murdering Pregnant Mother And Cutting Her Unborn Daughter From Her Womb

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Devil: Taylor Parker

The diabolical white female charged with murdering her seven-months-pregnant friend then cutting her unborn daughter from her womb in Texas last week has been identified. 

Taylor Parker, 27, also known as Taylor Morton, was arrested last week after savagely murdering her friend, 22-year-old Reagan Hancock in Hancock's home in New Boston, Texas. 

She is accused of slicing Hancock's stomach open then removing her unborn daughter from her womb. 

She then drove away and, according to Texas Rangers, was stopped at around 10am on the side of the road in De Kalb, Texas. It's unclear why she was stopped but she told the police officer she had just given birth to the baby. 

Devils: Reagan Hancock with her husband and daughter

An ambulance was called and she was taken to McCurtain Memorial Hospital, over the state line, in Oklahoma. 

After Hancock's body was found in her home, the evil white killer was arrested. 

She is now in custody in Idabel, Oklahoma, on murder charges. It's unclear what her motive would be for killing her friend and trying to steal the baby. 

According to her social media pages, Parker already had her own children.

Hancock had a three-year-old daughter with her husband, Homer. 

Her family are still grieving her death. They are also at a loss over why she was murdered.  

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8836097/PICTURED-Friend-27-charged-murdering-pregnant-Texas-mother.html

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