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White Male Admits To Molesting Impregnating 15-Year-Old

Devil: Kurt Russell Holley

An Indiana white male confessed to the molestation of a girl over the course of years, which produced a child while they resided in Wheeling.

Kurt Russell Holley, 36 of Muncie, Indiana, confessed to local police in late August that he had molested three girls. One of the girls, now 22, is the daughter of Holley’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he lived in Wheeling at the time.

The girl told police that the child rapist had been in her life since she was 5, and that after she turned 11, she began suffering several sexual assaults at the hands of this white monster. She added that they moved to Wheeling when she was 13 in 2011. She said the abuse continued for years, eventually resulting in the sex terrorist impregnating the girl at age 15. She said he was the only person she was sexually active with at the time. The child was born in April 2014.

Wheeling police who traveled to Indiana to interview the child rapist said that he admitted the child might be his, as he said he “had sexual intercourse” with the underage girl around that time, according to police records.

The diabolical pervert was arrested and extradited to Ohio County on Sept. 22 and charged with sexual abuse by a parent or guardian. He is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond at the Northern Regional Jail. His preliminary hearing will be at 9 a.m. Friday.

Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak was unable to specify on the details of the other victims the pedophile confessed to abusing, nor was she able to say whether the abuses also occurred in Ohio County. However, she said the Indiana police had been helpful in investigating the case, and that local investigators would likely be similarly helpful in building other cases against him in other jurisdictions.


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