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White Male Arrested For Bestiality With His Pet Cat

*Hat Tip: Stephen S.

Devil: Michael Navage

A white male from Mesa has been arrested for reportedly trying to have sex with his cat, according to court documents.

Mesa police report that on Wednesday, they responded to a home near Val Vista and University drives after a caller reported hearing a cat in distress.

The caller reportedly told police that 40-year-old Michael Navage took his cat into the bathroom. The caller then heard the cat screaming, and Navage saying, "the cat was stuck on his penis." He also reportedly heard the diabolical white rapist yell at the cat, calling it a "whore."

When the officer entered the bathroom, he saw a naked white savage and the cat partially wrapped in a towel. He also saw meth in the bathroom with the cat fucker, records stated.

Police say the white devil is a methamphetamine dealer who trades the drug for housing and showers at various locations.

Police took the cat and had it examined by a veterinarian, who reportedly told police that the cat suffered wounds around its backside. The vet also found previous rib fractures and pelvic injuries that were healed.

The degenerate said he loves his cat and had it since it was a kitten, police say.

The sex terrorist is facing charges of drug possession, bestiality and animal cruelty.


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