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White Male Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of Multiple Children Since 2013

Devil: George Glynn Banta

A white male is in custody after they said he continuously abused multiple children for several years, according to court documents.

George Glynn Banta, 48, was arrested and charged after the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received information about the ongoing sexual and physical abuse of minors, four of whom are under the age of 14, court documents revealed.

Court documents show the abuse happened in Montgomery and Trinity counties from 2013 through approximately last month when it was reported by a relative of the victims.

According to the report, the victims were familiar with the child rapist and were placed in his care at the time of the abuse.

Officials said the sex terrorist repeatedly sexually abused the children, and during an interview, the youngest victim said blue-eyed devil had “been doing awful things to us.”

While in his care, the pedophile did not let the children go to school, had them locked in a room and withheld food from them, according to court documents. The victim said that the sex criminal touched her and the other victims on their intimate areas on multiple occasions, and on one occasion grabbed her butt and said she had a “nice toosh.”

The relative who reported the abuse to police said the child molester started abusing the oldest victim when she was 12 years old in 2013, court documents showed.

According to court documents, the oldest victim later developed what appeared to be a “compliant sexual relationship” with the diabolical white male, who may have transmitted some kind of “rash” to the victim. The report showed that she and the other female victims slept with the child rapist in his bed.

Another victim said she witnessed the devilish white beast touching the others and on some occasions used a “vibrator thing” that he kept in his bed on their private areas, court documents revealed. She said she also witnessed the sex demon use the device on male victims on occasion, according to court documents.

The victim said on one occasion, the homosexual/pedophile made her pull down her pants and underwear and he took a picture of her privates with his cellphone, according to court records.

Court documents showed one of the male victims came forward and said the child molester had several weapons in his house and had planned to kill one of his former partners with his “least favorite gun so that when the police confiscate the gun, they are only taking (his) least favorite gun.”

Investigators learned that the diabolical child molester has a lengthy criminal background including several assault family violence allegations against several of his ex-wives, including holding a knife to one of their necks. He also has a history of sexual abuse against family members dating back 20 years.

The monster was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. Authorities are asking anyone else who may have been romantically involved or whose children were in contact with the pedophile to please come forward in reference to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office case # 20A347870.


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