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White Male Caught On Video Sexually Abusing A Pit Bull

Devil: Noah Tomlin

Authorities in Louisiana say a white male has been arrested in connection with animal abuse.

According to the Alexandria Police Department, 23-year-old Noah Tomlin was taken into custody after he sexually abused an animal this week.

The incident reportedly occurred Thursday night and lasted about two minutes, as reported by KALB.

The dog fucker approached a pit bull in a neighborhood that evening tethered with a heavy chain and forced the dog to perform oral sex on him, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana.

Authorities said the dog rapist was arrested and booked into the Rapides Parish jail. The 23-year-old pale degenerate is facing one count of sexual abuse of an animal.

Representatives with the Humane Society of Louisiana said the incident was captured on video and that it has offered to pay for a veterinary exam for the dog. The team said it is also helping the owner protect their dog in the future.

“We are grateful to the person who filmed this horrible crime and the work of our volunteer investigators and the Alexandria Police Department for their roles in identifying the suspect and making a swift arrest,” said Jeff Dorson, director of the Humane Society of Louisiana. “These crimes need to be dealt with harshly to deter future similar criminal activity.”

Alexandria police said the incident remains under investigation.


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