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White Male Charged After Hitting 9-Year-Old Girl On The Buttocks And Bruising Her Face

Devil: John Rust

A diabolical white male has been charged after hitting a juvenile female “on the buttocks” and “left bruising on her face” in Bruceton Mills, deputies said.

On Nov. 3, deputies with the Preston County Sheriff’s Department responded to a child abuse complaint at a residence in Bruceton Mills, according to a criminal complaint.

When deputies arrived, they met with a witness and the 9-year-old female victim, and deputies were able to observe “severe bruising that completely covered both cheeks of the juvenile’s buttocks,” deputies said.

Deputies also observed “bruising on the left side of the juvenile’s face,” which seemed to be the result of a strike “by an open hand” because the “bruising left outlines of fingers on her face,” according to the complaint.

The victim told officers that the injuries occurred while she was with John Rust, 36, of Bruceton Mills, and that Rust “came into her bedroom and struck her on the buttocks,” then “put her on the floor and continued to strike her on the buttocks,” deputies said.

Deputies were also told by the juvenile that the brutish white savage “pulled her up by the arm and struck her in the face,” and that statement was corroborated by the injuries deputies observed, according to the complaint.

Rust has been charged with child abuse resulting in injury. He is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $30,000 bond.

Source: https://www.wboy.com/news/crime/man-charged-after-hitting-9-year-old-girl-on-the-buttocks-and-bruising-her-face-in-bruceton-mills-deputies-say/

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