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White Male Claiming To Be The Real Devil Rapes Teenager During Camping Trip

Devil: Juan Antonio Salazar

An Idaho Falls white brute is accused of raping a teen girl while on a camping trip in Spencer.

In August, Juan Antonio Salazar, 35, went camping with his family. A 15-year-old friend of the family had been invited to come along and go four-wheeling with the family. At one point, the child rapist took the 15-year-old girl out on a four-wheeler by themselves and proceeded to rape the girl, according to court documents.

The sex terrorist was arrested and charged with felony lewd conduct with a minor under 16 in Dec. after the young victim told police about what he did to her.

The victim told Clark County deputies and later a forensic interviewer at the Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center in Rexburg that she had been camping with the monster and his family on Aug. 29. During the campout, they all went four-wheeler riding.

The pedophile told her about how he would take his sons out on “really fast rides” and asked if she wanted to go on one. She happily agreed, and they sped off on a four-wheeler together.

The victim said they eventually stopped and the sex criminal told her that his son has feelings for her and that she shouldn’t hurt him or play with him “because when he gets mad he is the devil just like his dad who is the real devil,” according to documents.

She said Salazar then took the mask off that she was wearing to protect from dust and kissed her. She said that she pushed him away and told him to take her back to camp.

She told the forensic interview that they got back onto the four-wheeler and the child rapist took her to a different place and stopped again.

He touched her face and told her to cooperate as he put his hand on his gun he had holstered. He then proceeded to sexually assault her.

The next day, the victim said she told Salazar’s sons that Salazar had kissed her. They reportedly got upset and told her to tell their mom what had happened.

The victim said she told Salazar’s wife that he had raped her. The wife became upset and asked the victim if she was going to tell anyone and if she wanted money.

The wife confronted Salazar but Salazar told her that the victim was the one who wanted to have sex with him, according to documents.

Salazar’s wife told the victim that she shouldn’t say anything “if she knew what was good for her.”

Salazar’s brother threatened the girl not to tell anyone, telling her “if you tell, your life would be ruined,” according to documents.

After the camping trip, the victim said Salazar left and stayed in California for at least three weeks. She also said his wife has contacted her multiple times to ask if she has told anyone and that she is ruining their lives.

Salazar is scheduled for arraignment in district court on Feb. 13. He faces up to life in prison.


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