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White Male Convicted Of Human Trafficking Of An African Child He Used Like A Sex Slave

Devil: Sylvain Villemaire

A diabolical white male from Montreal who used to help adolescents with learning disabilities was convicted of human trafficking Friday in a case where he sexually abused a young girl from Africa for nearly three years.

Quebec Court Judge Pierre Labelle said the prosecution had proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Sylvain Villemaire, 59, exploited and exercised control over the eight-year-old girl he brought to Montreal in 2015 on the false promise she would receive a better education here.

“Despite the masquerade of this offer of a better life, this child was merchandized, sacrificed, abandoned and she knew it,” Labelle said, as he read from his very detailed 63-page judgment.

“The treatment she suffered at the hands of this man was nothing less than enslavement, since he used her like a puppet.”

The girl had signed a contract with him that let the vile racist pedophile do “whatever he wants to me,” court was told.

Details that could potentially identify the victim cannot be published due to a standard publication ban. According to evidence presented at trial, the racist sex terrorist made an arrangement with a woman in Africa to bring her daughter to Canada where he would look after her, act as her tutor and they would eventually become a family. The diabolical racist child rapist did marry the girl’s mother, but she never made it to Canada.

The white monster used to work as a social worker with students with disabilities in Montreal North.

The Montreal police uncovered the horrific sexual abuse the girl endured at the hands of the white terrorist through what started out as an investigation into child pornography. An investigator with the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit was investigating the source of child pornography exchanged from one person to another over the internet. The probe led to an apartment in the Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie borough in May 2018.

As investigators and support police officers began surrounding the building, one investigator noticed the young girl as she was leaving. The investigator asked her who she was and she said she was living with her tutor and was about to go to school.

When the police entered the apartment they arrested Villemaire and noticed a strange smell coming from his kitchen. It was the scent of burning metal. Villemaire had cooked an external hard drive in his microwave. It was found hidden in an armoire and no files could be recovered from it. But investigators had evidence the child porn sent over the internet originated from Villemaire’s computer and traces of the files were found on its hard drive.

A search of the computer also turned up chilling evidence of how much control the white devil had over the girl. There was a section titled “contract” that stated: “Presently, I (the girl’s name) accept that Sylvain Villemaire can do whatever he wants to me, whenever he wants and how he wants. I agree to never tell anyone, in any way, what he does to me. I will never testify against him, at any level, and I will never allude to it in any way.”

The girl did end up testifying against the ruthless racist enslaver in September. Following the racist pedophile’s arrest, she was taken under the care of youth protection services.

She recounted how, when she was eight years old, she was introduced to this white beast in Africa as being her mother’s boyfriend. She said she could remember him trying to hug her while she was changing into a bathing suit. Her aunt interrupted things before he touched her.

Months later, her mother put her on a flight unaccompanied to Montreal where she was greeted by this child molester. Her mother told her she was doing this to give her a better education and that she would join her in Canada later.

Soon after she arrived, the child rapist was showing her child pornography. He then began to sexually assault her frequently. The girl also testified that the racist/terrorist forced her to wear a sex toy to sodomize him and there was one night where she was ordered to perform a sex act on a woman with whom the sodomite was having sex.

When she complained, the girl testified, the pedophile threatened to send her back to Africa. She also testified she told her mother what was happening and that her mother told her to do whatever the white terrorist asked of her. There was also evidence the sex terrorist sent the girl’s mother money after the girl arrived in Montreal.

Prosecutor Amélie Rivard asked that the racist brute be sent to the Pinel Institute to be evaluated as a possible dangerous offender or long-term offender.

Labelle said he will decide on the matter in two weeks.

The white pedophile, who is acting as his own lawyer, said he will not participate in any evaluation.

Source: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreal-man-convicted-of-human-trafficking-of-child-he-used-like-a-puppet

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