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White Male From Dallas Gets 5 Consecutive Life Sentences In Child Sex Abuse Case

Devil: Chester Fewins

Greene County Judge Calvin Holden did not make a long speech before handing down his decision Friday morning in a child sex abuse case.

"I think my sentence speaks for itself," Holden said after sentencing Chester Fewins to five consecutive life sentences, plus an additional 59 years in prison.

Following a bench trial in July, the white pedophile was convicted of 10 felonies related to the repeated sexual abuse of a child. The case is from Dallas County, but Holden was appointed as the judge and was the one who found the 52-year-old Fewins guilty this summer.

The crimes include multiple counts of statutory rape and child molestation involving a victim who was younger than 14.

According to court documents filed in the case, the child molester routinely went to the victim's room in the middle of the night and sexually abused her and once made her clean the house naked as punishment.


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