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White Male From Texas Charged With Murder After Stuffing Infant Girl In Backpack For Hours

Devil: Trevor Rowe

A honky from Texas kept his girlfriend’s infant daughter inside a backpack in his car for “an extended period of time" Tuesday, causing her death at less than 11 months old, authorities announced Wednesday.

Trevor Rowe, who’s now charged with capital murder, drove to work Tuesday morning in the state’s northwestern city of Lubbock and left the child in a backpack on the floorboard of the vehicle, according to an arrest warrant obtained by local station KAMC.

The tiny victim, Marion Jester-Montoya, got out of the backpack at some point, but Rowe put her back inside when he went to check on her around lunchtime, authorities said.

The 27-year-old white devil told police the girl was “lightly crying but breathing,” so he kept driving. He went to a fast-food restaurant and two stores before placing the backpack in the trunk and heading back to work, according to the report.

When the diabolical white savage returned to the car around 5 p.m., Marion was no longer breathing. He called 911 and performed CPR, but the child did not survive, the ABC affiliate reported.

His motive was not immediately clear.

“He knew that placing a person into a trunk was dangerous to human life,” the warrant reportedly states. “ The ruthless demon advised that placing someone into a backpack was even more dangerous.”

The family set up a Facebook page to raise money for her funeral. A woman identifying herself as the child’s great grandmother wrote on the page that Marion’s “loss will be forever felt by us in our hearts and minds.”

The killer was also charged with driving without a license, online jail records show.


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