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White Male Gets 20-Year-Sentence For Forcing 2 Students To Perform Sex Acts On Each Other

Devil: Robert Hyslop

A 49-year-old Missouri pedophile was hit with a 20-year prison sentence after being accused of forcing two Christian college students to perform sex acts on each other.

The students had been locked out of campus at the College of the Ozarks after missing curfew when they were terrorized by an armed Robert Hyslop in October of 2018, according to authorities.

They were sleeping in their vehicle in a Hollister parking lot when the terrorist broke a car window with a hammer. Prosecutors say he wielded a handgun and forced them to drive to another location.

The terrorist forced the man and woman to perform sex acts, and he was also accused of making the woman touch him in a sexual manner, according to the News-Leader newspaper.

He was apprehended two weeks later during a traffic stop when a deputy recognized him from a description given by the victims.

The terrorist, still on probation in a drug case at the time, admitted to being high on meth when he attacked the students.

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexual abuse, and the Taney County Prosecuting Attorney’s office announced the sentence over the weekend.


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