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White Male Indicted For Child Sex Abuse For Halloween Drinking Party

Devil: Ryan Chase

An Addison white male has been indicted and arrested on multiple felony charges, including child sexual abuse and child endangerment, in connection to an “Underage Halloween Drinking Party” last fall.

Ryan Chase, 41, was indicted by the Steuben County Grand Jury on February 14, “based upon events which happened in and around” his home in the Village of Addison on October 31, 2021, according to Steuben County DA Brooks Baker. Court documents said the pedophile now faces a total of 19 felony and misdemeanor counts between all the charges.

The diabolical pervert was indicted on eight different charges, including sexual, child endangerment, and tampering with evidence. According to the indictment, the white brute subjected a 15-year-old child to sexual contact while the teen was “physically helpless” and unable to give consent because of “extreme intoxication.” Court documents further alleged that the child molester provided alcohol to numerous underage people at the party, as well as induced a child under 16 to engage in a sexual performance on two separate occasions.

He was served eight orders of protection and pleaded not guilty. He was taken to the Steuben County Jail in lieu of $15,000 cas/$30,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 16.

Chase’s full list of charges is below:

  • Sexual Abuse, 1st-Degree (a class-D violent felony)

  • The indictment said Chase allegedly subjected a person who was too intoxicated to give consent to sexual contact “for the purpose of gratifying his sexual desire.

  • Sexual Abuse, 3rd-Degree (a class-B misdemeanor)

  • Chase allegedly subjected a 15-year-old child to sexual contact without their consent.

  • 5 counts of Unlawfully Dealing with a Child, 1st-Degree (a class-A misdemeanor)

  • Chase allegedly provided alcohol to 5 people under the age of 21 at the party.

  • 7 counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child (a class-A misdemeanor)

  • The indicment alleged that Chase knowingly acted in a manner physically, mentally, or morally injurious to children under the age of 17.

  • Promoting Sexual Performance by a Child (a class-D felony)

  • Chase allegedly promoted a performance that included sexual conduct by a child under 16.

  • 2 counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance (a class-C felony)

  • Chase allegedly induced a child under 16 to engage in a sexual performance on two occasions.

  • Reckless Endangerment, 1st-Degree (a classD felony)

  • Tampering with Physical Evidence (a class-E felony)

  • Chase allegedly “suppressed… by an act of concealment” evidence he believed would be used against him.


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