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White Male Poured Acid In Wife's Eye And Made Her Have Sex With Son,11, While He Watched

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Devil: Jerry Gilligan

A whitei devil poured battery acid into his wife's eyes before he made her have sex with her 11-year-old son. 

Convicted murderer Jerry Gilligan, 72, was convicted of torturing and kidnapping his spouse and stepson on November 4 after jurors heard how he had sexually abused the boy. The racist terrorist watched as he forced the woman into sickening acts with the child. According to prosecutors, he recorded the entire incident. 

He would also force the family to perform sex acts on him besides each other. Wheelchair-bound Gilligan who hails from Kingman in Arizona was found guilty of 10 out of the 18 charges he faced for the September 2016 incident. The abuse began when Gilligan's wife, then 39, had found him molesting the boy in a backyard shed. 

He then started to bind the woman with a rope, chains, and duct tape before assaulting her with a taser, knife, and wooden rod. He also shaved off all of his victims' hair. The victims were rushed to the hospital around three days after their ordeal began as the woman raised an alarm and told authorities of the horror. 

Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe Jr. said that the homosexual/pedophile's sentencing will be on December 5. The terrorist's defense attorney Sandra Carr unsuccessfully attempted to make claims that his victims were lying especially since the child did not have any physical injuries. She also questioned why the woman nor the son had used any of the computers or phones in the apartment to call for help. 

Carr also tried to make the victim seem like a gold digger who had taken advantage of an elderly man for money. 

As reported by the Mohave Daily News, Gilligan had been arrested in 1988 for killing his stepfather Walter Bopp in Tucson. In 1989, he was sentenced to life in prison but was released in 2014. 

Source: https://meaww.com/arizona-twisted-man-wife-sex-son-11-pour-acid-eyes-he-watched-murder-convict?fbclid=IwAR2UwCMAsmc86SZq6PK57Fa6tqFRl5NOq2iubU2yZpCdu62HbCmvWxubsvI

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