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White Male Rapes Woman And Infects Her With HIV Just A Day After Release Then Rapes And Kills Girl

Devil: Alexander Brezhnev

A diabolical white convict raped a woman, infecting her with HIV, the day after he was released from prison before kidnapping, raping and murdering a schoolgirl eight days later.

Alexander Brezhnev, 38, spent almost half of his life in jail for crimes including robbery, theft and grievous bodily harm.

He had been convicted eight times and jailed, the court heard.

The day after his release on June 16 last year, he raped a female adult "acquaintance", threatening her with death if she reported him to the police.

According to a report, he knew he had HIV - and infected the woman.

The following week, he kidnapped schoolgirl Yulia Klimenkova, 13, from the local "House of Culture" in the village of Borodinsky, Tula, western Russia.

R.I.P. (Rest In Poop): Yulia Klimenkova

The sex terrorist took the girl to a forest where he "severely beat her, and committed rape", reports say.

He stabbed her "multiple times", killing her.

The girl’s body was found three days later and the evil white brute was detained soon afterwards.

A court found him guilty of rape, sexual assault, causing HIV infection, kidnapping, grievous bodily harm and murder of a minor.

A video shows the killer in court where he was sentenced to life imprisonment in a harsh prison, from which he will never be released.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14254244/man-rapes-woman-kills-schoolgirl-after-prison-release/

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