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White Male Sentenced To 90 Years In Prison For Child Sex Crimes

Devil: Gary L. Boyle

Officials said a 36-year-old Decatur white male was sentenced to 90 years in prison Thursday for child sex crimes.

In a news release, officials said U.S. District Judge James Shadid sentenced Gary L. Boyle to 50 years in federal prison for sexual exploitation of a child and child pornography. “Boyle’s federal sentence will be served consecutive to a state sentence of 40 years ordered in September 2020 in Macon County Court for predatory criminal sexual assault.”

During Thursday’s hearing, officials said the government described the white pervert as “a manipulative pedophile” and an “avid collector of violent child pornography.”

In September of 2020, the pedophile pleaded guilty to child sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.

Source: https://www.wcia.com/news/man-sentenced-to-90-years-in-prison-for-child-sex-crimes/

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