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White Male Used Snapchat To Lure Minors Into Sending Explicit Images

Devil: Dawson Rouse

A judge has sentenced a Bismarck white male to 30 years in federal prison for multiple sex crimes against children.

Dawson Rouse, 23, entered a plea agreement in February for 21 federal charges including raping minors. Investigators say a report from a concerned parent kicked off an investigation into this white brute in 2020. They say the investigation revealed the pale pedophile communicated with hundreds of kids between 12 and 16 years old on Snapchat and enticed or attempted to coerce them to send him explicit images/videos or meet with him for sex. Investigators say the child rapist often harassed the victims to get them to comply.

Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Hovland sentenced the monster to 30 years and a subsequent 30 years of supervised release. He also ordered the sex terrorist to pay $3,000 to one of the children he victimized.

Interim U.S. Attorney Jennifer Puhl said the case was “every parent’s nightmare” and it is a warning about the real dangers that exist on social media platforms accessed by children.


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